BlogIt Will Ruin My Life!

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After reading about BlogIt I am convinced that this service will ruin my life. Why you might ask? Because it empowers people to type up a simple post:

My, what a beautiful day it is. La dee da dee da!

...and blast this out to a multitude of different services (their blog, Twitter, Pownce, etc). Which is fine, presuming that friends follow their other friends on a purely one-to-one basis (i.e. I follow Eddie exclusively through Twitter).

But I don’t! I follow Eddie via Twitter, his blog and any other service he exposes on his FriendFeed. The idea of him cross-posting a single post to multiple services and having all of those duplicates end-up in my stream makes me want to claw my eyes out! So, please, let’s take a stand now on cross-posting. It’s a BAD IDEA.

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