Good-bye Blogroll

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I used to have a blogroll located on the right side of this blog. The roll was powered by Bloglines, my old on-line RSS reader. I have since switched to Google Reader and haven’t looked back. I love using it on my laptop and I especially love using it on the iPhone. So, as I’ve added and pruned blogs from Reader, the old blogroll on Bloglines had grown out of date. So, poof, it’s gone.

In its place is Google’s concept of shared posts. The idea is simple: as I am reading posts in Google’s Reader I can flag posts of interest to share. These shared posts show up automatically in the “Shared Posts” section to the right. Instead of having a static list of sites that I read, I now have a more dynamic (and relevant) list of post that I found to be interesting.

About Me

Hey there. My name is Carter Rabasa and I am a husband and father of two beautiful daughters Catherine and Emily. I live in Seattle, WA.