Flirting With New Hosts

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Today I coughed-up $240 or so for 1-year of DreamHost hosting. I have been using Textdrive for the past 9 months or so, and have become increasingly frustrated (MySQL crashes, sporadically sluggish performance, and high prices).

The straw that broke my back was my inability to add a new domain without coughing up more money. I already pay $60/month for business-class hosting (ha) and am limited to 5 domains. Simply ridiculous. So, here’s what I get for roughly $20/month with DH:

  • Storage: 400 GB
  • Bandwidth/month: 4TB
  • Databases: unlimited
  • Domains: unlimited
  • Custom DNS: included

I won’t bother to list everything else, those are the key points to me. I’ll also be completely honest: none of this mean anything if the performance sucks. I will be evaluating DH quite a bit over the next couple of weeks. At the moment I’ve spent an entire day failing to get RubyOnRails/FastCGI working properly. So, I’m not getting too excited yet. But I am hoping for better things.

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