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Over the past day or so, I’ve cobbled together an Amazon Wish List badge for my blog. You’ll see my items listed on the right of this page if you scroll down. I did this using 3 things:

AWS offers a List Lookup operation. You can invoke this operation like so by plugging in your Wish List ID and specifying some additional parameters (see the API for more details).

<p>What&#8217;s important to note is that you can format the returned data from <span class="caps"><span class="caps">AWS</span></span> by passing a <span class="caps"><span class="caps">URL</span></span> to an <span class="caps"><span class="caps">XSLT</span></span> stylesheet.  In my case, the stylesheet that I wrote outputs Javascript code (I stole this idea from Flickr).  So, to print the Wish List to the browser, I simply embed the following Javascript in my sidebar:</p>

<p>That&#8217;s it. Just in time for the holidays!</p>

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