RSS and BitTorrent

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Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about RSS and the growing pains it’s having. The idea being that if a website ( has a popular RSS feed (, it may buckle under the pressure of so many requests for its feed. This problem differs from “typical” Internet load issues in that most RSS aggregators are configured to download feeds at regular intervals (on the hour, every two hours, etc) and the aggregation of this creates a tsunami of requests in a short period of time.

While there are solutions out there, I haven’t heard anyone mention the new kid on the block: BitTorrent. Isn’t this exactly what BitTorrent is good for? Every aggregator fetching would help share the burden of distributing this file. And since so many aggregators can be counted on to hit this file at the same time the very property (timing) that is causing so many problem to webservers everywhere would instead be its biggest asset. Am I crazy?

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