Burning the Midnight Oil

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Since I don’t have access to my server from work, making any big changes is difficult since I have to get it done before I leave for work the next day. Sprinkle in going to the gym and eating dinner, and the hours are few and far between.

In any case, I think I’m on my way to locking down my server. Here’s a before snapshot:

  • Apache 1.3 (non-SSL) + PHP + Tomcat
  • IMAP (plaintext over port 143)
  • Sendmail 8.12.8 w/ old conf file
Here’s how things stand now:
  • Apache 1.3 (non-SSL) + Tomcat (my blog)
  • Apache 2.0 SSL (my WebMail)
  • IMAP (checked over an SSH tunnel)
  • Sendmail 8.12.11 w/ new conf file
So, I’m feeling better. Still needs some work, but I’m getting there.

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Hey there. My name is Carter Rabasa and I am a husband and father of two beautiful daughters Catherine and Emily. I live in Seattle, WA.