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My Linux server is pimp-slapping me around like a nickel ho. I tried to upgrade my OpenSSH installation to 3.6.1. My previous install was 3.0.1, and was woefully out of date. So, I install the new SSH binaries and reboot my computer.

Naturally, everything explodes. Despite my money start-up scripts, nothing comes up (save httpd). My box is hosted out at my buddy’s hosting facility and I was forced to wait for him to schlep out to some random building and find out what was wrong. He logs-on and discovers that my SSH install is a shambles, and for some reason will not authenticate users.

Anyway, my system has been down for hours at this point, so I ask him to start-up my vital services (SMTP, IMAP, and HTTP) and promise to come over myself tomorrow morning and fix the rest. What a show.

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